So this is the new year…

I know I’m a few weeks late, but it always takes me a little while to process things.  I am so excited about this new year.  2012 brings a whole new lists of challenges and opportunities, ones I am scared and excited and nervous and totally unprepared for.  That’s the gorgeous thing about God, though.  He chooses the things that are not so He can show just want He is.

  I was reading about Noah the other day and how insane his calling from God must have seemed.  Building a huuuuuuuge boat to save his family from the rain.  So many questions must have been going through his mind, like what is rain? What is my family going to do when we get out? How long? How in the world do I get two of each animal onto this freaking boat?  But God gave Noah very specific directions.  He did not give him the answer to every single one of these questions.  It doesn’t really say he gave him answers to much at all.  But God did tell him specifically how to build the boat.  God told Noah specifically what animals to put on it.  And God even brought the animals to Noah.

Our callings may seem insane and far out and impossible, but God will equip us with what we need.  He will! I truly believe He is a God of clarity.  Maybe not how we see clarity, as in knowing every single detail and moment that is going to happen, but instead we see over and over again how He equips people with what they need to fulfill their calling, to reach the next step.  We must believe this. (And I am talking to myself here more than anyone)

Some new ministry opportunities are opening up for me here.  I am taking over women’s ministry for the Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) here at Campbellsville University.  My goal is to do four events: one for each month of the semester.  So far, the ideas are mixed, from fellowship to service to discipleship.  I need one more idea, but the Lord will provide it.  It’s crazy, I will wake up with events planned. Totally from God, nothing from me.

Another opportunity you’ll hear a lot about is going to Ghana.  So many things last semester led me to this decision.  God said go, so I am going to go! I’ll be there for two and a half months this summer, by far the longest I have ever been away from home.  I’ve never left North America, so this will be quite an experience. Raising money is going to be difficult, but God will provide. I’m scared about other, earthly things, too, like eating weird food (I am very picky!), and getting sunburned (I am very pale!). Getting to share God’s love to orphans, though….ohhhh I am so excited!

Anyway, this new year God brought a theme verse to mind through Beth Moore’s blog.  Micah 6:8 is currently posted all over my notebooks and all over my thoughts.  It says:
“He has told you, oh man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”
I’ll dissect this more next post.  I have already probably bored you to tears! Have a great week and year. :)


One thought on “So this is the new year…

  1. so glad for the opportunities God has for you this year! I love you and the accountability and friendship you hold for me!! God has blessed you with so many gifts :)

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