Two Years

Hi all! I have had a crazy morning, but now that I am safely sitting down at work, I was thinking me and Chris’ two year anniversary (which is today!!)

Last week we celebrated with a super fun scavenger hunt, which Chris planned. He had clues to a bunch of major spots in our story.


The last clue brought me to a guitar! I could not believe it. He definitely overdid it.


So tonight, the actual anniversary, it’s my turn to plan. I have big low key plans to cook dinner and possibly dessert to celebrate. So this morning I woke up excited, and planned to scrunch my hair, because Chris for some reason likes my hair in it’s naturally frizzy messy state.

Only problem is, when I finished diffusing it, my hair looked a little like this:


That’s right, folks. my hair was a few feet wide and the curl was falling fast. There was no saving this one, so I wrestled it into a pony tail. Next I tried makeup. Only problem was, I AM COMPLETELY OUT. What? On the day I wanted to look cute for Chris.

So I headed to class looking rough and feeling a little bad about myself. I don’t feel like I rely on these things to feel good about myself, but on this special day I was a little bummed. But then I remembered what an awesome guy Chris is.

If you ask him, he’ll tell you he likes me best in a Reds shirt and ball cap.

We started dating when I was just beginning a two month makeup fast to remember what true beauty is.

He doesn’t like when my hair is fixed and curled.

He doesn’t like when I have crap on my lips.

He doesn’t care if I am in sweatpants or a dress…well, actually, he prefers the sweatpants.

I just am thinking about how lucky I am to have such a guy. One who loves me no matter what. One who cares about a gentle spirit more than outward beauty. One who points me to the One, who pushes me to love Him more every day.

Girls, wait for it. It’s so sweet and so worth it.


Happy Anniversary, Chris!


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