5 Things Wedding Planning Taught Me About God

My wedding is less than one week away! It is so crazy how all your life you can look forward to this day, but in the end, all you want is your best friend to be by your side forever…and to get to the beach for your honeymoon! :)

The process has been kinda stressful. From working in a budget (Note: Pinterest knows no budget), to finding a good time and date for everyone you love, to having to slim the guest list way down, it hasn’t always been easy. But there are a lot of things God has taught me through the process.

Image1. First of all, he cares about my wedding. He is the Everlasting Father, and my earthly father sure cares about my wedding. How much more can my Everlasting Father, who created marriage, care about my wedding? On my wedding day, as my amazing earthly daddy tears up and dances with me, I have to remember my heavenly Father is just as joyful to participate in the most important day of my life.

2. My sin nature makes me materialistic and envious. I would never have described myself as materialistic. Growing up without much money, I’ve never been super concerned with having the best “stuff”. Until, one day a ring was slipped on my finger and all of the sudden I HAVE TO HAVE WHITE CHAIRS because metal ones simply won’t do. And I’ve gotta breathe, and look at what’s important, and calm down my mind into remembered most people won’t notice the fact we don’t have fancy soaps in the bathroom waiting for them. I can honestly say I haven’t had any bridezilla moments in front of others…but I’ve gotta say, by myself scrolling through that wonderful place of inspiration called Pinterest, I’ve been green with envy over those fancy beautiful weddings without a budget.

3.  I’m not in control. Hi, my name is Anna, and I am a control freak. However, an outdoor wedding in June means it may be 98 degrees or pouring down rain. And there’s nothing I can do. This puts me back at number 1, remembering God cares about my wedding. Which means maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t.

4. My heavenly Father provides. He provides money for my wedding dress. He gives amazing friends to throw a fun bridal shower.  He will provide much more than I could have planned in these ten months. For real, things might go crazy on my wedding day. But He’s got a much better plan in mind.

5. Marriage is the hardest thing God has created us to do. I’m sure a year from now, I might look back at this and laugh at how I had no idea. Planning a wedding with Chris has shown me just how different we are. Different families, different likes, different music tastes, different senses of humor. In this ceremony, we are melding all these differences together in front of God and all the people we love. However, something so difficult cannot come without reward, or else why would God create it? It is good. I’m sure I will learn more about my sin and struggles than I ever wanted in my forever with Chris. But I will also learn more about God’s grace and love.

And a bonus, just for you :)

6. Marriage is the most important thing I will do for this life, but my relationship with God is still more important. Everything at my wedding could go wrong. Everything in marriage could be an uphill, climbing up the Rockies, type of battle. While I am trusting the Lord that this won’t be true, if he decides that’s how it will be, it will be. And I will have Him and His love. Because my wedding is one of the most important days of my life. But the day when I was 5 that I put my trust in Jesus means I have something even more important in my life.

I am so excited for my day. I am so glad my Father loves me enough to care about my wedding day. I am so excited to walk down the aisle next to my dad and Chris with Jesus right in our midst, pouring his love all over our heads.


3 thoughts on “5 Things Wedding Planning Taught Me About God

  1. Love it, and love you! And you’re right, so far we’ve been married a month and a half and I’ve never had my sin smack me in the face like this. So many sins are so much easier to cover when you’re operating independently. Talk about sanctification. But it’s so beautiful and such a true reflection of the gospel to have someone see all that sin and ugliness and love you regardless! I love it, and you will too!

    1. Oh gosh so good to know! I’ve been reading When Sinners Say I Do and it’s pretty eye opening about sin in marriage! Thanks Tori!

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