Wedding Day–June 22, 2013

I woke up ready. Honestly, I was full of so much peace. I just wanted to see Chris; I wanted to be his wife. And, honestly, I wanted to be on our way to Charleston and seeing the beach :)  We began the day with a quick breakfast with family before we went to decorate. My aunts, bridesmaids, mom, and me decorated the place in no time…and, really, it was perfect. Simple, laid back, and perfect. Later, when it was time to see Chris, I had to stop myself from running up the aisle to him. I was just so ready to be with him and laugh. It was a perfect day with perfect people. Here’s a few pics :)

All pictures by the fantastic Jennie Marie Photography. She and Jessica helped make our wedding day so fun and laid back!

Getting Ready



First Look

Bride & Groom (16)Bride & Groom (3)

Bride & Groom (184)

Bride & Groom (15)


Bride & Groom (24)Bride & Groom (110)


Bride & Groom (99)Details (1)

Details (2)Details (3)

Details (25)Details (30)
Details (23)Details (33)

Details (41)Details (44)Details (40)

Location: The Brown Pusey House, Elizabethtown, KY


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