Redefining Time with the Lord












So what do my dog, Alton Brown, and Jesus have in common? Wade through this little story about my morning and you’ll find out!

This morning I woke up to my alarm. Nope, not one set on my phone or nightstand clock, but instead my dog making his tags jingle incessantly to wake me up. Good morning, Bruce.

Good morning, human

I rolled out of bed and got the least presentable I could be and still go out in public  dressed. I went outside and felt…FALLLLLLL!!! It was glorious.  So I downloaded the newest Alton Brown Podcast and set out on a walk, feeling great.  The weather, the exercise, the entertainment…all perfect.

After the walk, I sat outside enjoying the breeze and my new lawn chairs. I realized I had to get ready for the day, and I stood up feeling perfectly refreshed and…worshipful. I mean, I just sat and listened to a podcast about food, not a Beth Moore sermon. I just walked my dog; I didn’t have a spiritual epiphany.

Here’s the thing, though: I felt like the Lord and I grew in our relationship more than if I had just spent three hours reading the Bible. Woah there, you may say. Reading your Bible is the way the Lord speaks and it is deeply important. Yes and yes. I would never disagree. My main goal of teaching preteens is to get them to check out their Bible daily.

But when did my time with Jesus become a mix of a, b, and c, three chapters and five minutes of prayer? When did it become that we had to have our Bible, pretty journal, our special Bible pen, Greek NT and four commentaries to feel God’s presence? Okay, maybe not those last two, but you get the point. When did it get to be so regimented and predicatble? Last time I checked, Jesus wasn’t always those things.

This morning while walking and listening, the Lord restored my soul from the daily bumps and bruises of yesterday and got me ready for today. He gave me energy and grace and love. He gave me peace. And He loved on me. All while I was yelling at Bruce for pooping in the nicest house’s yard.

It just reinforces the amazing grace we don’t do anything to deserve. He reaches down to love me in the midst of me not trying one bit to impress Him with my Bible reading. He reached down when I was not doing one thing to reach up to him. And I grew more than if I was trying by myself.

So, obviously this post is not meant to bash Bible reading, something I continue to do daily, I’m just sharing the reminder I got that my time with Jesus is not limited to those morning times when everything is laid out just right. I won’t feel less holy for eating my Cinnamon Toast Crunch while reading the Bible because I’m running late. I’ll keep searching while remembering life does not depend on me or the amount of chapters I’ve read today, but the Lord’s grace.




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