November Goals


I can’t believe it’s here. 2013 has been a big year, from marriage to internship to graduation.

I’m linking up with The Tiny Twig to think over what I want to accomplish this month.


1. Have an amazing Thanksgiving. Chris’s job change makes it a little difficult to plan, since we have no idea what his schedule will be. We are hoping for at least a few days off so I can see my family. However, even if we can’t, I’m hoping my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner will go well, and at least be a fun and relaxing time.

2. Do the dishes every day. Because, goodness, I just feel better when they’re done.

3. Read a book. A good one.

4.  Find/make cheap Christmas decorations. So thankful for my Horton and Brown decorations!

5.  Plan a fun and unique date night with Chris. Because what’s better than throwing leaves in comfy clothes with my cute husband?

6.  Keep a gratitude journal. Because sometimes I get too caught up in the bad to look at the good. And because Ann Voskamp says so.


What are your goals for the month? I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “November Goals

    1. Haha thanks! Hopefully we’ll be at family where the extend of my part is peeling apples for apple pie! I’m thinking Gone Girl since I have seen it recommended so much, but I haven’t settled on one for sure :)

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