Thankful Thursday—Transformative Love

Today I was scrolling down Facebook when a Feeding the Orphans volunteer posted pictures of those sweet GMI kids. Of course, I just ate them up, and counted down the days until I’m back.

I was struck by a picture of one of the girls, H, who came to the orphanage last summer while we were there.  She was super shy, so skinny, and even when she smiled she just had this sad look to her.  She was extremely sweet.

Now, after more than a year at GMI, showered with God’s love and with a healthy diet, this is her from when we first met her to now.


I just could not believe it. God is SO faithful to his children! His love isn’t just comforting, it is TRANSFORMATIVE. He CHANGES LIVES.

The same power that lifted Jesus from the dead will set the lonely in families. He will lead the prisoners out with singing. He will take a sad and tragic situation and transform it with His saving grace.

I am thankful that same power, that same person, is transforming my life and my days.

Praise him.


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