Thankful Thursday: Graduation Edition

This is truly the light at the end of the tunnel week. I have love love LOVED college, and I could not be more grateful for Campbellsville Univeristy. But this week has been full of reward for hard work and three and a half years well spent. I have no idea what my life will look like come January, but, hey, I’m actually okay with that. For once.

Two and a half years at the Writing Center will come to a close in a few weeks, and I could not ask for a better boss or coworkers. We’re having a crazy busy week, but everyone is working so hard and truly cares about their job.

Two more weeks of my internship, which is crazy and rewarding and I am excited to continue loving on these kids in whatever way possible for as long as we are in Campbellsville!

Three and a half years of school work comes and goes with an Honors chord to show for it.

Three and a half years of work and IMMENSE blessings equals graduating debt free. This one is only possible because of people taking a chance and hiring me, people blessing and encouraging me, and God providing. It’s only possible because He made it that way.

And most of all I am super excited to be in warm Texas for a few days with my awesome family.

Thankful doesn’t even cover it!



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