when there’s something to do.

Something has to be done. And you can be a part of it.

Togo is a little African nation to the east of Ghana. It was a French province, and it is very very poor, but GORGEOUS.

kpalime, togo



The kids stole my heart from the second they climbed into my lap four at a time.  Here’s the thing: orphans in Togo are unfortunately not rare. Adoption from Togo, however, is, with only 6 children adopted from Togo to the US in the last 10 years (U.S. Department of State).

With so few adoptions, orphanages are so important because they are homes for these children.  A place to be safe from the real threat of slavery (Plan International) and a place to find family when their family has passed away or is unable to take care of them.

Enter Great Mission International, an amazing organization started by an awesome family to take care of vulnerable children.  John and Irene have committed their life to doing this and run two orphanages—one in Ghana and one in Togo.  They are sharing the Gospel with the many children and families they come into contact with and are meeting real needs in the countries in which they minister.

Yesterday, GMI Togo caught fire while the children were gone to school.  No one was hurt, and praise God for that. But everything burned. Clothes, mattresses, supplies, donations. Everything gone.

Pictures from GMI’s Facebook page.



The kids are staying at a pastor’s home, but GMI needs help. They are looking at what the next step will be.

Please, please, please pray.

Pray for blessings in disguise. Wisdom for John and the other people at the orphanage. Pray for the kids to be safe at this time. Pray for a new home and for the money to move. Pray for the community as they support the orphanage. Pray for John as is right now traveling back to Ghana from a trip to the United States and the weather is affecting travel plans.

Please, please, please give.

 Feeding the Orphans is a US nonprofit organization that does sponsorships for children in Togo (as well as other places) and manages the donations for GMI.  These sponsorships were part of the reason why the children weren’t at home when the fire was going and are now safe.  You can give by going to FTO’s secure donation website and designating it “GMI Togo”. The funds will be used as designated.

For more updates, like Great Mission International or GMI-Togo (mostly in French) and Feeding the Orphans on Facebook. They are posting updates often.


*I am no expert on this topic. I do not claim to know everything or be an expert on the culture, human trafficking, or orphan care. I am just passionate about traveling to and researching about these topics. If you have any suggestions or additions, please leave a comment or email me at lifemeetsgrace@gmail.com.


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