just a key

It’s just a key.


Just a key to a little mailbox, number 524. Right next to the post office window, so that any time I wanted to check it I had to wait in the line behind everyone picking up packages.

Just a key, and not anything I have ever cared about.

But today, I turned my key in. I said goodbye to the college where I have been pushed and pulled.

Where I have grown in a million little ways. Where I said things I am proud of and things I didn’t mean. Where a foundation was laid, where I saw God.  Where I met my husband and my best friend. Where I won and lost and cried and laughed and praised and cried out. Where I learned about Ghana and orphans and widows. Where I felt my call to be a missionary, wherever I am.

I stood in line one last time, and I checked my mailbox, and then I turned my key in.  Severing my last tie as a student here at Campbellsville, I signed the form and got my receipt.

It’s silly the feelings turning my key in brought up, but there it was: my student days are done. I’m so thankful and blessed.

Isn’t it funny how little, insignificant things can make you stop and think?  The key doesn’t matter, and I don’t care about the mailbox. But here it is, in black and white on my receipt: Graduation. Moving on.


What do you think?

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