2013: looking back and pushing forward


2013 has had good times. Event-wise definitely the best, but it has definitely been the most change filled year of my life thus far. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights:


Miss Valentine’s Day Pageant: First of all, doing a pageant is SO FAR outside of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun. I loved spending the week meeting other awesome girls from across campus. The pageant showed me that I have a voice, and I learned to be a little more confident in it.


2 years: Celebrate 2 years with my then-fiancé with a scavenger hunt and Opening Nights for the Reds.

Chris’ Graduation: I’ve never been so proud. Chris is not a school guy, but he fought hard and ended up getting an award the day he graduated. So proud!

Parent’s Moving: said goodbye to my hometown in Eastern Kentucky, dealt with a lot of regrets about high school and also sad to see my parents so far away

Marriage: Marrying my best friend, learning about God through wedding planning, spending an amazing week in Charleston, SC

Bride & Groom (6)

Ceremony (28)

August brought some advice for college freshman and an examination of self-worth.

September-December also brought a huge realization that God has burdened me with the passion to alleviate poverty and work with a nonprofit that is doing just that.

It also strengthened my passion in children’s ministry through my internship.

And December brought graduation (why do I have no pictures of this?!?), co-salutatorian, and a deep satisfaction in moving on. I can never say I like change, but graduation was different. I was proud of my time in school and the work I did, but also ready to move on to something different.

So, 2013, you’ve been good to me, even when I haven’t always seen it. I can’t wait for 2014 and the things God has for me.


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