10 Christian Women Young Adults Should Know About

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

You know those women who just seem to have something special? Of course their lives can’t be perfect, but they are joyful, full of life and wisdom. The women we want to emulate in our Christian walk?

Here are 10 women who you just wanna be best friends with.  They are some of the giants in the faith, especially for women. As a young adult/college girl (now graduate, but close enough!), I love finding new women leaders to learn from. These are some amazing champions of the church, Bible teaching, social justice, reaching others, and using passions for Jesus.

My recommendation? Check out their blogs! Better yet, sign up for BlogLovin and add them all so you can read all of them on one webpage! (P.S. Follow me here).

10 Women

1. Beth Moore—Writer, speaker, Bible study leader, founder of Living Proof Ministries.

Well, who didn’t expect her to be at the top of this list? But get this, friend, she isn’t just your mom’s Bible study leader.

Her Bible studies are more time-intense (think 45 minutes-an hour a day) than you might be used to, but were also my first wake up call that my one chapter a day to do check off doesn’t cut it. Bible reading should be passionate, visual, deep, and connected, and she shows you the way to Jesus.

Read: These 10 books that are FREE on Kindle!

Watch: Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence part 1, 2, 3, and 4 (This friends, every woman should watch. Multiple times. I don’t say that lightly; it is THAT annointed)


2. Katie Davis—Author, founder of Amazima Ministries.

I first heard of Katie Davis when Chris got me her book the winter before I left for Ghana. Shew…let me tell you, she changed my vision. She isn’t writing to preach or to tell you you’re doing it wrong. She is just telling the story of how God changed her life by telling her to forget expectations and love his people in Uganda.

Read: Kisses From Katie

Watch: Katie Davis


3.  Jen Hatmaker—Author, Speaker

Who knew sarcasm and a deep passion for Jesus could meet so wonderfully? Jen Hatmaker is HILARIOUS. She has big feelings and big passions. 7 is the story of her mutiny against the American dream, where she limited what she consumed and learned so much about Jesus and about Christian culture today. She probably the funniest Bible study leader you’ll ever read. Side note: Like her on Facebook for hilarious stories about her family, but NEVER read the comments. People get nitpicky on that thing.

Read: 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Watch: Here


4.  Jennie Allen

I love hearing Jennie Allen talk about empowering women. She talks a lot about being willing to give up everything for Christ, resulting in finding your passion and purpose.  Love it!

Read: Anything, Restless (<—can’t wait to read this!)

Watch: Idea Camp


5. Bianca Juarez Olthoff—Chief Storyteller for the A21 Campaign

This is the woman I think everyone wants to be best friends with! She is funny, down to earth, and passionate about setting captives free and letting the church know that’s God’s heart.  Definitely check out her blog for funny stories!

Watch: Scandalous Message of James


6.  Rachel Held Evans—Author, Blogger

Rachel Held Evans is a champion for diversity in the church, women in leadership, and being careful not to alienate people who think differently.  Her viewpoint is different from most other people who I read, but I love reading her opinions (she is super smart) and her encouragement to look at our words and how we as the church treat other people.

Read: A Year of Biblical Womanhood (Part satire, part exegesis, part historical commentary, highly recommended for both egalitarians and complementarians), and check out 101 Christian Women Speakers for more women to learn from!

Watch: My Year of Biblical Womanhood (hilarious! And definitely makes me look at my definition of biblical)


7.  Rebekah Lyons—Author, Cofounder of Q Ideas

Anxious? Depressed? Feeling like you shouldn’t be since you’re a Christian and shouldn’t you just have joy? Rebekah Lyons has been there, and she has dealt with the surrender and grace in those moments. She is honest and vulnerable, and I love knowing we are not alone.

Read: Freefall to Fly

Watch: Biola University chapel


8.  Christine Caine—Speaker, Pastor, Author, Founder of A21 Campaign

Fiery. I first heard Christine Caine at Catalyst in 2010. I remember thinking, “Oh cool! A Hillsong person is going to sing.” Well, sing she didn’t, but she did get the place going when she told us to “Stop going church and start being the church.”  Check out her free podcast here.

Read: Undaunted (Kindle Edition)

Watch: Catalyst 2010


9.  Emily Freeman—Author, Blogger

Church girls, have you ever felt like grace was such a foreign concept? That the prodigal son maybe should have gotten what he deserved? Grace for the Good Girl reminds us we’ve all been lost and just want to be found.

Read: Grace for the Good Girl

Watch: Grace for the Good Girl


10. Esther Havens—Photographer, Speaker

I love how God gives us all such different talents and tells us to just go and give him glory. Esther Havens takes gorgeous pictures for nonprofits that tell the story of hope in the midst of poverty.  Her work reminds me that missions isn’t just smuggling Bibles; it’s using whatever God has given you to spread His word.

Read: The Personal Note at the End of this Post

Watch: Bestowing Dignity in Photography


Here are just a few of my many favorites!

So what about you? What Christian leaders are you admiring lately?


3 thoughts on “10 Christian Women Young Adults Should Know About

  1. I can’t believe I only knew 3 of these. Thanks for the list. I’d include Ann Voskamp in any list regardless of age. I’m sure she’s not older than Beth Moore. How about Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 Woman?

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