Friday Finds: One Day Late Edition

Okay, friends, this weekend has already been super busy! Yesterday and this morning I attended Imagine Children’s Ministry Conference, hosted by the KBC, and it was fantastic! I learned so much, and the Lord reminded me that programs and details are great, but the main thing is the main thing that that’s showing kids Jesus!

A few quick things I’m loving!

1. Nourish by Special K


I hate oatmeal, but this stuff is delicious. I love a big, hearty breakfast, so I really didn’t think this little cup would keep me full, but it has several days when I ate breakfast at 8:30 and didn’t have lunch until after 1. I’d highly recommend it to other oatmeal-skeptics!

2.  New pictures of one of our Compassion Kids


I love Compassion and the work they do that works beyond charity and into empowerment.  We got new pictures of Sonia, who lives in Togo. We’ve been sponsoring her for almost two years, and it is so cool to read her letters (we get several from her, less from Richard in Ghana). I was like a kid on Christmas morning ripping the letter open to see the new pictures!

3.  Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin Razor


Yay for crooked pictures!

The first time I ever shaved, I cut a four inch long gash down my shin bone. This set up the past ten years of hating shaving.  I have the most sensitive skin in the world, so when Influenster contacted me to review this product, I wasn’t so sure it would actually work. Wrong! It was so smooth to shave, and I didn’t have to press hard to get a close shave. I usually get underarm bumps, but with this razor I didn’t! If you have sensitive skin, I would definitely check this out! Bonus, it even comes with a stand that suction cups to your shower wall, which I love because I don’t have to worry about it sitting in water and rusting.

*I received this product free in in exchange for my honest review!

5.  The Branch Podcast


This is my parent’s church in Texas. On a walk today, I listened to Game Changer-What He’s Meant for Love, and it was just awesome. I highly recommend Chris Seidman. The sermons are great and happen to be the perfect length for a 30 minute walk. Plus it makes me feel closer to my parents, which I love!


What do you think?

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