When Marriage is like Muscles



Someone once told me when you exercise your muscles tear a little bit. How you proceed then decides if your muscles rebuild stronger or if they get worse.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this is 100% true, but it does make sense to me! (And for the purposes of this thought, just stick with me, deal?)

Well, I’m no exercise expert, but I’m starting to think marriage is a whole lot like exercise. This week, Chris and I had a kind of fight heated discussion about something, and said a few things that weren’t very kind. Okay, let’s be honest, we came with words flying.

I walked away, stubborn and not wanting to apologize, and then God stuck that stupid thought about the muscles in my head. He likes doing that, right? Humbling us and showing us what is right when we just want to stomp around like babies. And I thought…Hmmm. Marriage is a lot like that.

When something mean is said that cuts Chris, it’s easy for me to just think, “Well, he’ll get over it. We’re married, so we’re stuck together no matter what.” But I bet that attitude is pretty dangerous. When we have a fight, our bond is torn a little. Just like Mr. Weightlifter told me muscles are torn.

Now, I have a choice:

1, Hang on to my pride and just assume it’ll all be okay, or

2. Look at what I did wrong. Apologize. Try not to do it any more. Be humble. Admit I was wrong.

I can choose the first, hanging on to my anger, and maybe it will work out or maybe the bond will be severed so badly that one day, all this little things add up and we can’t stand each other. Just like a runner who keeps running on a torn ligament, who instead of resting and growing stronger just keeps making it worse.  Or I can choose the latter, and swallow that dang pride God doesn’t seem too fond of, and our bond can grow stronger as God sanctifies us.

The second choice is so obviously the better one. All it takes is letting go of that pride, but man, isn’t is so hard when you’re mad? When you just wanna be mad for a little while longer?

But, shew, when I look at the marriages I want to emulate, they sure as heck aren’t the people who are simply stuck with one another, but the ones who seem like every day they grow closer. The real picture of marriage (and redemption), friends, isn’t clinging to pride, but letting our fleeting emotions go in exchange for a love that really lasts. Now that’s a marriage where Christ is glorified, and isn’t that the ultimate goal? I sure hope so!

God, may we just Let. It. Go. and grow stronger instead of weaker. Help us choose Your way, the hard way, the life-giving one. Amen.


What do you think?

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