the weary world

Do you feel that ache? Do you burn with anger and sadness after watching the news this week? Do you wonder why everyone is fighting and hating? Do you wonder why senseless deaths don’t seem to get any sort of chance at justice?

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him”

I feel it. I feel weary when I see the hungry, the alone, the homeless, the murdered, the protesting. Our world is not right. How we are treating people is not right. When we ignore and make excuses. When people can’t get basic needs like water, food, a family. The world is not alright. It is weary.

“The Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, fear of the Lord”

I can’t find the words to bridge decades of racial strife. I can’t make a decision for the grand jury. I can’t tell 100% conclusively who is right and who is wrong.

“He will not judge by what he sees or what he hears; but with righteousness”

I can’t adopt a boy in Ghana who prays every night for a family and sees friend after friend leave with their forever families.

“With justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth”

I alone can’t give food and clothing and houses and jobs to the entire homeless population of the world.

“With the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked”

We’re at the point where we can’t ignore the hurt anymore, and I can think of a million reasons why there looks to be no hope.

But I can think of one reason why there is Hope.

“And a little child will lead them.”

And if we follow, we can find Hope. We can be Hope. We will have the Spirit of the Lord, of wisdom, understanding, power, and knowledge. We can be the hands and feet of Justice and Righteousness. And if we can do that, if we can even just try, right where we are, giving what we have, the mourning mothers, the hungry toddlers, the tired professionals, the lonely children, the angry protesters, the weary world….we will rejoice.

Isaiah 11:1-6


What do you think?

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