Forget It

I feel like a lot of the most life changing experiences you just stumbled into.

Three years ago someone told me to wear a shirt on Easter instead of going out and buying a new dress. The catch was the shirt should come from an organization where the money is used to help take care of orphans. $20 on a shirt instead of $40+ dollars on a dress. It even had a cute name—Forget the Frock. (If you don’t know, a frock is a southern word for an extra frilly dress you wear to church on Sundays). So you ditch the dress to feed an orphan on Easter Sunday.


I bought the shirt, I wore the shirt, and I kinda realized something: that the little everyday things are what’s going to change the orphan crisis. It seems backwards, it seems mixed up. You’d think you’d need a BIG voice and a BIG action to change the fact that 147 MILLION kids are without a mother or father. But what if all that starts with something teeny tiny? What if it starts with buying and wearing a shirt?

It’s like the If You Give A Mouse a Cookie book. You start with a shirt that looks pretty cool. You’re excited to wear it and match all your friends. (You’re also excited to not be wearing a suit on Easter, let’s be honest.) People ask you a question about your shirt, such as…what does “Forget the Frock” mean? You answer and realize you are using your clothes and your voice to say something more than, “I bought this on mega sale at JCPenny.” You are using your voice to speak out for someone who may never be heard. And it feels right.

You start hearing and seeing things that God said, like “Bring justice to the fatherless” and “Defend the rights of the poor and needy” and “Give justice to the weak and fatherless.” You start seeing Jesus as the original justice seeker with statements like “Feed my sheep.” You realize that if you really want to follow Jesus and live like He did you might need to get a little outside your comfort zone.

So you have a garage sale benefitting children in need. Maybe you invite the single mother across the road over for dinner. Maybe you visit a foreign country. Maybe you look at sponsoring a child.  Maybe you look into respite or foster care. Or maybe one day you even adopt.

And it all started with a little shirt you just stumbled into buying.


Today, Forget the Frock is launching their annual campaign to encourage people to ditch the dress and feed an orphan. Instead of buying new clothes this Easter, or wearing the same old same old, what if you bought a shirt that benefits an orphan? Find out more about FTF and find out what organizations are participating this year!


What do you think?

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