February’s been over for a week (or more…oops), but it was a big month! Here’s what I read/heard/watched/and did:

I read:


Scary Close by Donald Miller: I loved this book and read it in one afternoon. It’s the story of how Don came face to face with some intimacy problems and what he learned as he got ready to marry his now-wife. It’s not a “do this” book. It reads more like a friend-telling-you-their-story book, and it really got me thinking about the walls I put up and how to break them down.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams: This is a hilarious, on your toes, quick read. Vivian Schuyler gets a package addressed to a long lost aunt and finds out she murdered her husband and ran off with another man. It’s great historical fiction, heavy and light at the same time.

I heard:


The Medicine, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors: Fantastic, Ryan Adams-y feel. We’ve been listening to this in the background at dinner.

Just Kids by Mat Kearney: Upbeat, dance around by yourself kinda music. Not my absolutely favorite of his albums, but still good.

“You Are Enough” by Sleeping at Last: I need this reminder every day, multiple times. Love this song.


I did:

Volunteer at If: Gathering, which was an exhausting, refreshing, encouraging time with the Lord and other fabulous women

Goals for March:

Cooking: Integrate 1 new veggie every week in our meals

Health: Avoid bread during breakfast and lunch, not just for weight but also because I always feel gross after eating it.

House: Finish decorating our bedroom (buy curtains and throw pillows, paint headboard and bedside tables, hang wall art)

Personal: Plan workouts and outfits for the week on Sunday night to avoid last minute fashion crises or boredom in the gym.

Marriage: Plan a weekend getaway for when Chris passes the Series 66 in 3 weeks!

There you have it! A lot of goals, but all ones I am excited to complete, not that I feel like I have to!


3 thoughts on “February/March

  1. I am so with you on the planning workouts and outfits! We have done weekly menus to for meals too which has helped a ton, whether we followed it all the way or not it helped us not eat as much junk! :)

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