You Have a Fresh Start

I want to tell you: you have a fresh start right here, right this minute.

This right here can be the day you let go of the shame and the guilt of past years. This is the time you can leave anger or anxiety behind. 2016 can be a year of remarkable change and growth.

This year I’m praying boldly and asking for help when I need it. I’m making a plan for my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. But I know all these things are pointless if I don’t take that first step away from what I’ve always been and into who God wants me to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to give up who we’ve always been to walk into our fresh start. The things about us that hurt the most–we hold them so tightly they become part of our identity. Walking away from that, no matter how needed it is, can be scary. What do I do when I’m not the girl who ______________?

I remember seeing a video back in college that explained the Gospel like this—you’re a prisoner, guilty of the crimes of which you’re charged, sentenced to death in prison. And then Jesus opens the door, comes and sits inside your cell, and tells you you are free now. He will stay in your place. The door is wide open and freedom is right outside, but sometimes we get so comfortable in our jail cells we are scared to do the work of walking out the door.

So here we are, a handful of days past the beginning of a new year, but no matter what time of year—you have the opportunity to have a fresh start. You just have to take the first step out of that door. Maybe for you that’s a prayer. Maybe it’s a counselor or medication. Maybe it’s sitting on the back pew of a church service for the first time in years, or telling a friend things are actually not okay at all.

You can do this.  I’m believing in you and for you, and maybe a little in myself, too.

(In between writing and editing I just saw this beautiful blog post from Jess Connolly about this very thing.)


What do you think?

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