Missions Moments: January Edition

I love hearing about new things in the missions and nonprofit world: what’s working, what’s not, what’s changing. So every month, I want to highlight some of my favorite blogs and articles on the topic. This month’s Moments include some from November and December, but they were just too good to pass up.


Supporting Field Personnel as They Return to the US

The IMB, the international missions sending arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, is calling home many of their international workers as they face a budget crisis. Whether missionaries you know are a part of this or not, this is a great resource to caring for overseas workers when they are back “home” in the States.

To the Ones Who Think They’ve Failed

You’re still part of the team. You’re not a washed up, has been, burnt out, broken down, used up, person. You are a child of God, dearly loved. Cherished. And you are still needed. The Church still needs you. The Father still wants you. Jesus still loves you. And the Holy Spirit is still near to you.

The Challenges and Benefits of Being a Black Overseas Worker

As I prayed, the still, quiet voice of the Good Shepherd simply asked, “Who will go?” to which I answered a thunderous, “I will!” even though I didn’t know much of anything about China. Nor did I know that less than 1% of full time overseas co-labors are Black.

Dear American Christian

On the outside, I still look a lot like you. My hair is like yours, my skin is like yours, and I even bought a new outfit to make sure that I would still be in style like you. On the inside however, something has changed. I find myself struggling with new thoughts and beliefs, especially now that we are back together again. Can I share a little of my heart with you?


This month, Compassion International launched it’s Peer to Peer fundraising initiative called Act for Compassion. As social networking continues to grow, should fundraising follow the trend?

At SocialMediaOrg, Jason W. Spencer shared on Employee Advocacy. He works for Humana, but seeing his content has got me thinking–shouldn’t nonprofits be excellent at employee advocacy? Read one article from Mr. Spencer here.

These are just a few of my favorite articles from the world of missions and nonprofits this month. What have you seen lately that’s exciting or challenging?


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