Review: Power of a Praying Wife

Maybe I should start this review with a disclaimer to y’all who might be rolling your eyes:

I am not someone who enjoys reading marriage books. I tried, when we were engaged and first married, but once I got married I struggled because all the books seemed to be written by women with a very particular personality for which submission was pretty cut and dry, one size fits all. I didn’t really seem to fit, which meant I felt guilty 100% of the time.

So, disclaimers aside, I have to say….

I really learned a lot from The Power of a Praying Wife and really enjoyed reading it. A month later, I am still pulling up some things I read in order to pray for Chris better.

This book is honest. It doesn’t promise to give you the right words to say to “fix” your husband into what you want him to be. Instead, it talks a lot about your heart and what it means to pray for your husband. It’s acknowledging that my words and nagging aren’t going to be life-changers, but instead it’ll be the Holy Spirit. It says that in praying, sometimes nothing changes, but instead our attitude changes as we submit our own selves to the Lord.

 This book is super practical. It has 31 chapters, each with a single thing to focus your prayer on. It gives Scripture references and a sample prayer in the back. If you feel like you’re praying the exact same thing every day for you guy or gal (Um, Lord, please keep him safe and help him be happy…), this book will give you specific ideas of what to pray for and why it’s important.

This book can lean towards a bit of prosperity. A few times she writes something that sounds like it’s using prayer as a get out of jail free card, but, honestly, I might just be sensitive to that since there are a lot of big authors cashing in on that kind of teaching. This is a minor part of the book, a few sentences in one or two of the chapters, and wouldn’t hinder me recommending it.

Overall, I would highly recommend buying a copy of this book, reading through it, and then using the Table of Contents as a prayer guide for your guy. I’ve already seen huge ways it has helped my prayer life and improved my attitude toward Chris. You can grab your own copy from Amazon here. I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Have you read Power of a Praying Wife? What did you think? If you haven’t, what marriage books have you enjoyed?

I love You + Me Forever‘s approach to marriage (you’ll be a good partner if you’re following Christ with all your heart), and When Sinners Say I Do is one I’ve seen recommended a lot, but haven’t read myself.


Favorite Books in 2015

I am an avid reader, and with all the traveling this year, I got to read some really great ones. Here are some of my favs I read in 2015:

After You//The Boston Girl//The Butterfly and the Violin//Everything I Never Told You//Fates and Furies//For the Love//The Good Girl//Just Mercy//Lunch in Paris

If You’re Only Going to Read One: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is a fabulous book. He is an amazing and heartbreaking storyteller who really changed some of my long-standing opinions by showing some realities of the justice system.

Best Written Book: Fates and Furies is the best written book I have ever read. It tells the story of a marriage between two very interesting people, and Groff’s writing style throughout the book perfectly reflects the narrative and characters. I need all y’all to read this because I am still having a hard time processing it all, but I absolutely loved this one. (Disclaimer: very adult content)

Best Quick Read: I read The Boston Girl in one afternoon. 85 year old Addie Baum tells her story of growing up in the early 20th Century to immigrant parents in Boston to her granddaughter, and it is funny and sad and flirty and inspiring.

Solid Christian Fiction: The Butterfly and the Violin is a historical Christian fiction novel set during WWII. I avoid most Christian fiction because some of it is…not great. I accidentally picked this one up at the library and was impressed with the story and the writing. This is Cambron’s first book, and I really enjoyed it. The story is catching, and I look forward to reading her future books.

If You’re Going for Suspense: The Good Girl is a really well-written story that will keep you guessing until the end. I can’t give anything away, but it’s good.

If You Love Food: Lunch in Paris is an adorable memoir about an American falling in love in Paris (with a man and the food) and figuring out how to find home.

If You Need Jesus and Some Laughs: For the Love is hilarious and hands out grace in handfuls. 

For Those Late to the Party: Everything I Never Told You won lots of awards in 2014, but I just got around to it this year. It’s a compelling and heartbreaking story, something that will definitely leave you thinking.

Best Sequel: Me Before You is one of my all-time favorite books, so I was a little weary when I heard After You was the sequel. Jojo Moyes, though, is a great writer, and I enjoyed this one a lot, even if it wasn’t quite the immediate favorite Me Before You was.

What were your favorite books of 2015?

8.21 Friday Favorite

I’m back! After a week of traveling to KY for the most beautiful wedding ever, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things! We really had the best time, and it was super hard to leave, but we’re glad to be back home. We celebrated my birthday on Tuesday with a complete set of NT Commentary, which was SO sweet of Chris. We’re doing the restaurant thing this Saturday, I think, thanks to

So here’s what I’m loving this week, so much that I’ve watched it about a million times:


ISN’T IT PERFECT?!?!?!?!? Ben Rectors’ new album, Brand New, releases next Friday, and it is definitely preorder worthy. You get two songs immediately, one of which makes me cry. And while you’re waiting for the rest of the CD, you should definitely watch this video over and over and plot your own trip to Paris (not that I’ve planned the whole thing on AirBnB already or anything).

My current read is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell (fascinating!), and I just finished Everything You Ever Wanted by Jillian Lauren, which was heartbreakingly honest and messy and hopeful.

I’m currently listening to Ben Rector’s album, of course, but here’s what else I’m listening to this week:

So that’s what I’m loving this week! What are you fanning out over?

August Goals


The next few weeks are going to be crazy—Chris and I are going to be gone three of the next five weekends, and in the meantime trying to find a new place to live when our lease is up. *insert gritted teeth emoji*

So I am going light on the goals this month, because the main one is to soak up every minute of fun with Chris, so let’s start there.

Fun: Have a blast in San Antonio, Kentucky, and Austin. Read a few books for fun. First up, Everything I Never Told You.  I also want to cook every weeknight that we are at home. *yikes!* You can follow me on that journey at my Meal Planning Pinterest Board or even send suggested pins my way!

Health: Continue to walk daily but also pick a workout class to start in September.

Professional: Keep writing every day. Read Outliers, Daring Greatly, and The Upside of Down. Get ready to send off 2 celebration tours and get ready for our last trip of 2015 to Spain and Portugal (I am just about to die of excitement).

I feel kind of boring this month, but really it’s going to be jam packed. I’m actually putting a *little* something together over the coming months that I am SO excited about—but also kinda nervous. Let’s just say the season of dwell might be about over, and now it’s time to jump! (See what I did there?)

So what are your goals this month? Anything fun you’re looking forward to?

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